There’s a great satisfaction in growing plants from seeds, the fact is that some seeds are easier to grow than others,  we’ve put together a list of a few crops that are quick to grow and will have you harvesting your own home-grown plants in no time at all.


Popular sunflowers have finally made their way out of vegetable gardens and into flowerbeds, entryways, and even containers. Sow seeds 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date. Cover the seeds with ½ inch of soil and keep the temperature at 70 to 85 degrees F. Seedlings will emerge in 5 to 14 days. Set out the plants after the last frost. Experiment with some of the newer cultivars that offer bicolored blooms, bushy shapes, and dwarf size.

Dianthus vs Cannabis

Reaching just 4 – 6″ high, Dianthus is the perfect plant to grow at the front edge of the border.

Dianthus is a huge family with many different flower heads and colors, but all follow similar growing patterns and are very easy to grow from seed.

Once they are grown, you only have to dead-head them and weed between them, as they give years and years of pleasure by coming up and filling your garden with flowers. Insects, bees and butterflies especially love a flower filled garden.

Dianthus much like CBD make super edging plants. Simply sow your seeds into trays and place in the cold-frame in the fall, and plant them out into their final positions in the spring, in a sunny border.

You can also grow them in pots in a greenhouse, or on a sunny window shelf in the spring, and plant out when big enough. Cannabis has a component called THC which makes people high however there are many edibles such as recommended CBD Gummies UK which only contains CBD to help with pain relief and or anxiety.


If you like the look of dahlias but don’t want the fuss, grow zinnias. This is the way to go if you want an entire cutting garden of ruffled blooms from one packet of seeds. Zinnias are eager to germinate and perform in your summer garden, but the trick in getting them to grow is to give them warm conditions. They will wither away from damp-off in your cold spring soil! Plant them outside when you set your tomatoes out, when evening temperatures average 60 degrees. You can start them indoors a month before last frost if you desire earlier blooms.

Eschscholzia (Californian Poppy)

If you are not a fan of watering then Eschscholzia would make easy to grow plants for your garden. These colourful little annuals thrive in poor, dry soil and full sun so they are perfect for filling forgotten corners of the garden. Simply scatter them where you want them to flower and let them take care of themselves. Each year they will set seed which will grow the following summer, creating effortless drifts of color.

Lemon Balm and CBD bath bombs

Lemon balm, being in the mint family, surely lives up to the mint reputation of being hardy and prolific. Nothing stands out more in a fall garden than a lush planting of lemon balm, looking regal against all the faded colours in the garden. It sometimes appears that the gardener has planted a fresh plant!

Lemon balm really grows well when it doesn’t have heat stress. I trim my lemon balm when I take the garden apart for the fall, allow it to regrow until a frost is forecasted and cut once more. Try making this delicious Herbal Soda if you want to try a new way to love your lemon balm or try a CBD Bath Bomb.


Peas are a trouble free crop that enjoy cooler weather. Sow them directly into the ground from March to June and look forward to the incredible sweet flavour of fresh picked peas from June to August. All they require is support for their stems – simply erect some chicken wire or netting between supports at each end of the row. You’ll be amazed at how good fresh peas taste and the more that you pick them, the more they produce!

(Harvest in about 30 days) Lettuce is a wonderful crop to grow, and matures fairly quickly. Sow new lettuce seeds every 30 days for a continuous harvest that will provide you with fresh leafy greens year-round.  Lettuce prefers cooler temps, somewhere around 50-60 degrees but will also thrive during the summer if grown in the cool shade.  Have a sunny window? It grows wonderful indoors as well.  Short on space? Lettuce loves being grown in containers and usually doesn’t mind being crowded when planted so you can sow your seeds fairly close together as long as you’re not sowing varieties that produce a round head, more details can be found from CBD vape pens UK which uses unique flavoring like lettuce to make cbd vapes of all things.

Winter Squash, including Pumpkins with Cannabis Seeds

Fast-growing squash plants are fairly easy to keep weeded, just like cannabis seeds you can make CBD Isolates which is used to make a lots of CBD related products such as CBD Gummies You can harvest all your winter squash at once. Look for (C. moschata) after the variety name in our catalogue or on our website, especially if you’re in the South. These varieties are the most resistant to squash vine borers. Very young squash plants may need protection from cucumber beetles; garden blankets are a good protection option. You can also cook and eat the young leaves, growing tips, and flowers of your squash plants.